CONTACT Community Services is a non-for-profit registered charity, with a 39-year history of taking a proactive approach to changing social needs. Our flexible mandate allows us to listen to local community needs and respond accordingly. We are a local, grassroots organization with a proven track-record of helping those most in need.

Our Services include:

    The Centre helps low-income individuals and families obtain and retain safe and affordable housing. Additionally, we assist residents in accessing financial supplements for rising heat and hydro costs through the Ontario Energy Support Program and the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program.
    Daily, CONTACT connects individuals and families with critical services and programs in the South Simcoe area.
    In addition, CONTACT provides free community tax clinics for low-income individuals to help ensure people can access the support to which they are entitled, to make a better life for themselves.
    CONTACT engages over 300 volunteers every year through an extensive volunteer database. In addition to our database, we provide two key programs:
    “New Horizons Senior Program”, that focuses on addressing senior isolation through crafting and health workshops. 
    “ChangetheWorld”, that connects youth to various volunteer opportunities in South Simcoe.
    Bradford WORKS is a one-stop Employment Ontario Centre that helps match individuals who are looking for work with employers who are looking to hire, creating meaningful employment opportunities.
    The Clothes Line is CONTACT’s social enterprise that helps to ensure all of our other services are available. Additionally, it also serves as a place for individuals and families in need to find free and affordable items critical to their well being, including winter gear through our “Coats for Kids” program. The Clothes Line also partners with many local community organizations to provide free clothing and household goods to persons in need.

Our services are vital to the community health of residents in South Simcoe. In 2015, we helped more than 3,000 people find safe, affordable housing, sustainable employment, and connect to vital services in our community.


Our mission is to support the communities of South Simcoe by providing quality services through sustainable, creative solutions to community needs.


Transparency, Fiscal Responsibility, Confidentiality and Privacy, Accessible Services for all, Caring for the Community and Relevancy to the Community.

What We Stand For

Our Moto: Everyone Deserves a HOME, EMPLOYMENT and a FUTURE...what does this mean?
It means as a not-for-profit registered charity; we take a proactive approach to changing social needs, we identify unmet needs and meet them by providing quality services through sustainable, creative solutions. It means... we reinvest in our communities; $.80 of every dollar raised during our fundraising events goes back into the community to support our various programs/services.

What we stand for is reflected in everything we do. Our logo is a representation of Maslow’s 5 stages of needs (shelter, food, safety, love and belonging, esteem and personal growth), which are required to motivate us to achieve personal growth. CONTACT’s goal is to connect people to the resources needed to motivate and form a solid foundation to achieve success and personal growth.



Our Customer Service Standards

Providing you with high quality service is of the utmost importance to us. We will make sure that our services and offices are accessible to you and promote equality, dignity, and respect for everyone. We will ensure that you enjoy the highest possible standards of service at all times.

Visit CONTACT Community Services Customer Service Plan for more details.

Our History

1977 – A community survey reported a high incidence of suicide, alcoholism and marriage breakdowns and profound lack of support agencies within the South Simcoe communities. In response to the survey a small group of dedicated community members established CONTACT in October 1977. They provided free information and referrals; friendly call services to isolated seniors and an informal listening ear/distress line for anyone needing help.

1979 – CONTACT was incorporated as a not-for-profit registered charity. A walk-in Community Information Centre is opened in downtown Alliston to complement the already recognized phone services. In addition, the store front location featured a job board and resume collection service is established for local employers. The Clothes Line, a thrift store, is opened by staff and volunteers to raise funds to support the organization and provide affordable clothing to the community.

1990 – CONTACT receives funding to open an Employment Resource Center in Alliston.

2003 – CONTACT opens a Housing Resource Centre.

2007 – CONTACT receives funding to open a Volunteer Centre.

2010 – CONTACT receives funding to open a new full service employment centre in Bradford West Gwillimbury, and Bradford WORKS is born.

Today – After almost 40 years, CONTACT Community Services continues to provide, community information, employment resources, housing supports and volunteer services. The Clothes Line continues to support the agencies efforts, while assisting those in need in South Simcoe.



2015 – Alliston & District Chamber of Commerce Community Development Award.

2010 – Kids in the Community Kitchen (KICK) Program was the national winner of the Dietitians of Canada and Kraft Canada’s ‘Speaking of Food and Healthy Living Award’.

2008 – CONTACT’s Community Kitchen was awarded the Wellesley Institute’s Award for contributing to healthy communities.

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